Story Time!


“Wiping the blood from his mouth, the brave warrior stared into the heart of the beast. Proud and determined, the strong man gripped the hilt of his sword and pointed it at his enemy.

“‘You think you can prevail over me, but you are wrong!’ he bellowed. ‘It is I who shall prevail over you!’

“The dragon roared and added to the flames that surrounded them. It had already destroyed the village and every human in it. And yet, his hunger was never satisfied.

“Taking a deep breath, the warrior screamed and charged at the creature, which stood on its hind legs.
Lunging, the man stabbed the beast in the stomach. Blood gushed forth from the wound and soaked the ground. The dragon screeched and clawed at its enemy.

“The man was struck and staggered backwards. Dropping to one knee, he gripped his sword even more tightly. ‘You are going to regret this day,’ he panted. He clutched his wounded side and ran towards his enemy.

“The dragon roared and hit the man so he flew backwards. The beast spread its large fiery wings and flew into the sky.

“Confident that the beast had fled, the lone warrior lay still on the ground. But, alas, he thought wrong.

“The dragon high above dove down to the earth on top of the man, crushing him with its monstrous weight. The creature roared a loud victorious roar as it won another battle.

“The End!” Nicolas finished.

After he closed the book, the children in the library stared at him with horrified expressions on their faces. Quickly their parents snatched them up and took them away as fast as possible.

Confused, Nic asked why they did not like the story he chose.

Shane, who was sitting in the crowd with the children, stood up and explained, “Maybe it is because you scared them to death. You don’t tell depressing battle stories to three year olds; especially when the hero doesn’t turn out to be the hero in the end.”

“But it is good for them!” Nic argued as he put the book back on the shelf. “They need to be educated in these subjects. They need to know how to survive.”

Shane shook his head. “First of all the hero didn’t even survive in that story. Second, when would the kids ever fight a dragon? And third, I just don’t think so.”


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