Old Friends, New Talents

(As told by Shane Hodgins.)

                It was a slow day and I couldn’t concentrate on my homework. My mind kept drifting and began to day-dream of the impossible. After I saved the world in my head about three times, I heard beautiful piano music that had been the background music of my imagination.

Huh, I guess I wasn’t imagining it,” I thought to myself. Listening closely, I tried to name the song. However, it was one that I didn’t recognize. “Aymie must be learning a new piece. I should go see what it is.”

As I walked to the music studio, I stopped before reaching the doorway. To my surprise, the performer was Shannon. I had no idea she could play piano as well; she had always preferred the viola. I thought piano was only Aymie and Johanna’s thing (who are both awesome, too).

Quietly I tiptoed closer to get a better look. Her tiny fingers danced gracefully across the ivory keys. Her curly hair bobbed back and forth as her whole body moved to the dynamics of the piece. She had her eyes shut as if she was dreaming.

Her entire presence left me in awe (as per usual). I leaned against the doorway and watched her practice. The song she played moved my soul; and I felt like it connected with her as well. Its notes were composed to give one the feeling of infinite space and the vastness of life (well, that’s how it affected me anyway).

Unfortunately, she ended her song too quickly, She noticed me staring and immediately stopped; ending on a wrong note. Red in the face, Shannon closed the lid on the baby grand and began to put her books away.

“No, don’t stop,” I pleaded. “I had no idea you could play.”

“Without making eye contact, she gave a half smile and thanked me. “I appreciate the compliments. But still after all these years I guess there are some things you don’t know about me.”

“Well, then I would like to learn what I don’t know,” I confessed. “If you don’t mind.”

She was taken aback at my request. I lived with her and her family for many years and I guess she always saw me as the egotistical orphan that doesn’t care much for getting to know people. To be honest, even after all those years she never told me too much about herself. Sure I knew Shannon enough, but I never felt like I knew her well.

“Why not,” she replied smiling. “I think it’s about time I gave you answers instead of making you solve the puzzle on your own.”

I laughed. “That’s why you never told me things? You know a detective is supposed to figure things out; not the other way around.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I figured since you’ve known me so long you would know I like to give people a challenge.”


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