Thanksgiving Troubles Pt 1

((Good morning everyone! The Secretary here (but you already knew that). I am happy to share with you one of the exciting Thanksgiving memories my boss’ clients have experienced. Since there is so much to tell you about, it has been divided over three days. Hopefully, two scribbles per day.))

“What are we doing for Thanksgiving?” Myles asked Mr. Wyght as they were finishing up a project.

“Well, you and your friends can have your own celebration, “he retorted, “or you can join the rest of the students.”

“No offense, sir, but it doesn’t feel the same sharing it with so many people.”

The older man shrugged his shoulders. “I beg to differ, but you do what you would like.”

Afterwards, Myles met with the gang in the entertainment room to tell them his plans. “So here are the ‘blueprints’ for this year’s Thanksgiving,” he began. “Johanna and Shannon will go shopping for items we need. Blake and Aymie will cook and bake the food. Mark and I will handle set up and part scheduling. Meanwhile, Shane, Nic, and Sonny are going to get the turkey.”

“Wait, why don’t Johanna and Shannon get the turkey while they are shopping?” Shane asked.

“Because I want you three to hunt for one,” Myles explained. “We are not buying a frozen turkey.

No one really seemed to like that idea.

“Who is going to get rid of its feathers and gut it and stuff?” Aymie panicked.

“They will, don’t worry,” Myles reassured.

The three boys were not terribly enthused about their task, Then again, Sonny was never enthused about anything.

“The weather is supposed to get rough soon,” Nic told Myles. “Are you sure it’s safe for us to go out there looking for a bird?”

Myles flicked his hand down. “Psh, it’s totally safe.” When no one had any more questions, Myles clapped his hands together and said, “Alright, now let’s get to work.”

((Everyone had interesting experiences with their tasks. I think it is worth explaining each one in turn.))


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