Thanksgiving Troubles Pt 3

Blake and Aymie weren’t doing much better. They kept having “disagreements”. The truth of the matter was Blake was usually right.

“What are you doing, Blake?” Aymie asked ripping a measuring cup out of his hand. “This is against the recipe.”

“It makes it taste better,” he replied, trying to get it back.

Taking over, Aymie decided to remake the whole dish herself.

Blake gave up and moved on to something else. He did continually check on Aymie’s progress and made many suggestions.

“I know the recipe!” Aymie exploded after the twentieth suggestion. “I can’t forget it. My memory is photographic, remember? Kinda like your precious cameras if you needed an example?”

“Keep my cameras out of this,” Blake retorted. “And, yes I do know. I just don’t think you are remembering the right one.

She ignored him and put it in the oven. “Know I bet you are going to tell me I did that wrong too.”

“Actually—,” Blake started.

“Don’t even,” Aymie interrupted holding up her hand.

“Seriously, Princess, you know I know more about cooking than you do,” Blake told her. “My family and I did work for you after all. You never knew how to boil water until I taught you.”

“I have gotten more practice when I was at the orphanage,” she said, crossing her arms. “I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.”

“Probably burning stuff,” Blake muttered.

She punched him. “I haven’t burned anything in several weeks.”

“Ooh, several weeks,” Blake clapped sarcastically. “Congratulations.”

Aymie began to get red in the face.

Usually, the two of them would not act like this toward each other. They had been best friends since birth and treated each other with equal respect…well, usually. I guess the stress of Thanksgiving has made this one of those times.

After a while of constant bickering, Blake noticed an unpleasant aroma. Turning around, he found the oven to be up in flames.

Not knowing what to do, Aymie began panicking.

Nonchalantly, Blake pulled the fire extinguisher out from a cabinet below him and put out the fire. He acted as if he had been in this situation with Aymie a million times before.

Once fire was out, Blake just shot his friend a look.

Finally calm, Aymie simply shrugged her shoulders. “How was I supposed to know it would do that…again?”



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