1st Day of Christmas

1.2 copy.jpg

Myles: This came out better than I anticipated! I really am a genius, aren’t I?

Shannon: For a kid who graduated college before hitting puberty, I would hope you were a genius.

Johanna: Sure he is a genius, but  I don’t think he has common sense.

Shane: C’mon, it was fun! Next year we should make a human snowman.

Mark: As horrible as that sounds, a snowman actually might be easier than this tree was.

Nic: I don’t know why you guys thought it was so hard. It was easy.

Blake: It was painful, though!

Aymie: Really? I am not that heavy, Blake. Way to make me feel insecure.

Sonny: I hated every minute of it. I don’t know how you talked me into it.



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