The Isles – Meet Alison

Now that you know a bit about the islands themselves, let’s quickly meet one of the inhabitants.

Alison – Isle I – Bionic

Age: 18

Appearance: Short white hair, pale skin, striking gray eyes, scar running across forehead, strong build, Bio mechatronic right arm and leg.

Personality: Skeptical, caring, strong, brave, leader-like.

Likes: Her friends, Mr. Allaway, peace, what she remembers of her family, trust, freedom

Dislikes: The Keepers’ secrets, the Invaders, doubting,

Alison is one of the few Isle members with faint memories of her past. Even though the images are fuzzy, they are still there, and they mean everything to her. Because of her memories, she is afraid to trust the men who saved her, the Keepers. She thinks they are hiding something from her but can’t figure out what. They give her reasons to trust them and reasons to doubt. Despite this, she tries to make the best of her situation and keeps a positive attitude. She is always worried for her friends and would do anything for them.


NOTE: All posts are part of The Terra Testimonies © universe. Any use of characters or posts without the author’s permission is strictly prohibited.

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