The Isles – Meet Aaron

Aaron – Isle III – Geek

Age: He has no idea. (For a genius like him you think he could figure it out)

Appearance: tall and fit, spiky blond hair, striking blue eyes, black rimmed glasses, pale smooth skin,

Personality: trusting, responsible, intelligent, can’t handle pressure

Likes: inventing, astronomy, his Stratum 8 teacher, when things succeed, Mr. Bamber, his “Overlord” peers, chairs (yes, chairs)

Dislikes: his embarrassing childhood moments, when things fail, Mark’s secrets, having too many responsibilities, tiny classrooms, the “Memory-Be-Gone” machine he’s been working on

Aaron is a handsome young man with a lot of responsibility to carry. He works hard at Isle III every day to invent and create technology to enhance the Isles. He and a select other members are looked up to by the entire Research and Development island. Sometimes this gets to his head; usually, he is humble and knows his place. Normally, he doesn’t ask questions and gets his jobs done. However, he begins to doubt when one of his closest friends subtly tries to tell him things aren’t as they seem.


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