May the Best Bionic Win

“Ready?” Axel asked.

“Ready,” Alison replied, dropping into her stance. She raised her guard, putting her metal right arm in front of her face. Inside, she wasn’t ready. Mr. Allaway wanted them to do a sparring match until one of them could hardly stand. She still thought this fight was unfair. While she and Axel both had 2 enhanced prosthetic limbs, she thought her one-arm one-leg combo was no match for Axel’s two metal legs. Once the bell went off, she was proved wrong.

Before she had time to think, Axel thrusted and threw a front kick, almost driving Alison back. After she blocked, he threw another. Axel knew that it would be tough blocking her attacks with his organic arms. They would surely break against Alison’s metal. So, he played offensive and kept kicking.

Growing tired of Axel’s repetitive moves, Alison wound up her metal arm and plunged it into her friend’s stomach. Axel exhaled sharply and his eyes widened. He clutched his stomach and staggered backward, struggling to catch his breath. Not sorry, Alison was about to come in for another hit. Her gray eyes locked on her target, she clenched her fist and pulled it behind her.

Luckily, Axel collected his bearings. As her fist flew towards his face, he jumped back and blocked the attack with a crescent kick. Alison’s arm was thrown away from her and her body followed; just enough time for Axel to recoup and plan his next move.

Growling, Alison whipped herself back around to find Axel in the air about to land on top of her. Quickly, she dove and rolled out of the way as he landed. Now, he meant business. His stormy gray eyes were serious as they slowly looked up at her. His brow was furrowed and sweat dripped beneath his white curly hair. Standing upright, he shook his robotic legs and began to walk towards Alison, leaving behind a crater and cracks in the concrete. As he walked, his pace got faster and faster until he was charging right where she was standing.

Determined not to lose this fight, Alison dropped into a stance once again, with her right foot in front. She tilted her left shoulder back and pressed her organic left hand on her hip. With her right shoulder forward, she crossed her Bionic arm over her chest, waiting for Axel before striking. When he was ten feet away, Axel cross stepped and threw a leaping side kick, his right leg extended. As he flew toward her, Alison let out a yell and, with all her force, took her hand and whipped it threw the air. As planned, her Bionic fist smashed Axel’s ankle before it got to her. Sparks flew as metal hit metal. The blue lights that connected their limbs flickered upon impact. When Alison’s hinge punch swept across, Axel was turned sideways and his upper body crashed right into her. The two of them tumbled across the cold concrete. Their organic limbs received several cuts and contusions. After they finished rolling, the two lay on the ground, gasping for air.

As they lay there, their Keeper, Mr. Allaway, went to them. Leaning over the two, he scratched his crooked nose and said, “I figured it would end in a tie.” Picking up his electronic clipboard, he entered the results.

“Then…why’d…we…fight?” Axel panted, still lying on the floor face up.

“Because it’s fun,” the Scottish Keeper replied, smiling. “Also, it lets me know not to get on either of your bad sides.” Axel tried to say a witty remark but no more words would come out. Kindly, Mr. Allaway offered both of them a hand and helped them up. “Now, you two better go rest. You train again tomorrow!”

Emotionless and exhausted, the two thanked their Keeper and went back to their cell-like bedrooms.


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