Who is the Secretary?

About the Author

Sara Francis

I’m just a young individual trying to do her part in this wonderful game called “Life”. I enjoy doing almost everything (Quite literally. Check out my ePortfolio and see that I ain’t kidding).

I’m the type of person that you can talk to and will always listen to what you have to say (and possibly use some of your story in my writings). I can get inspiration from anything and I am not afraid to use it. Also, if I write some
thing funny I will sit there laughing at it for five minutes and then pray that other people find it funny too.

Here’s a bit about my writing journey:
I have been writing short stories, poems, and songs ever since I was little. In the year 2012, I started writing articles for an online Catholic media group called Fire of the Spirit, which I still write for.

In 2014, I began my first book titled The Tale of Crispus. That book was put on hold when a friend sparked an idea in my head for a book series in January 2015 (it’s incredible what RPing can lead to). In my initial outline, I had planned for it to be a short(-ish) story. Then it evolved into a trilogy, The Terra Testimonies. The first book, The Isles, is available now on Amazon, LuLu, and BarnesandNoble.com! The second is halfway finished and the third has its outline ready.

But my creativity in my writings has not stopped. I have grown highly attached to my characters, as would any writer (they are like our children), and continue to write about their lives.

And so my blog, Secretary’s Scribbles, was born! *victorious trumpet blasts*

The Secretary makes tiny appearances throughout my trilogy as well as her blog. (SPOILER! SPOILER! She is my cameo. *smirks* In the books, whenever a character attempts to say her name they are interrupted or forget. After all, the word SECRET is in SECRETary. Haha…I crack myself up.) She documents the little things that the characters feel unimportant and do not mention in their testimonies. But, to her, every moment in life counts.