The Abbey Fest 2017 – Experience

Hello everyone and Happy Fall! I apologize for the lack of scribbles… I’ve had my hands quite full. I wanted to share with you my thoughts from my first big event two weeks ago (I can’t believe it’s already been that long). This is a longer post, but it's worth the read! For those of … Continue reading The Abbey Fest 2017 – Experience


Dec 2017 Updates

Oh goodness, how time flies! I truly apologize for the lack of content; but I promise you, big things are on their way! I've had my hands tied with promotional events (past, present, and upcoming). Things have been going well, but they could be better. I am excited for my biggest event coming in June (TBA). … Continue reading Dec 2017 Updates

Leap of Faith

“Sami…Sami!” Startled, Sami jumped up from the floor and screeched. Once again, she had fallen asleep during combat training. She panted as she looked around at all her Mutant classmates staring and giggling. It wasn’t the first time that’d happened, but it was always embarrassing. It wasn’t her fault, though. She didn’t choose to be … Continue reading Leap of Faith