The Isles

Book 1 of The Terra Testimonies

YA Sci Fi / Utopian and Dystopian

The Isles_Book Cover_Medium


A Bionic, a Mutant, and a Geek are forced by their Keepers to team up and prepare to take back the ruined world. Throughout their training, these teens are led to believe that not everything is as it seems. (Learn more on Sara Francis’ official website!)

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Adventures of Wobot

Children’s Story Books


The Adventures of Wobot is a children’s picture book series that features the curious little robotic adventurer, Wobot.

This series has two main themes: Science and Fairy Tales. Each book is different and each has its own adventure! Whether Wobot is living through an old fairy tale or teaching children about science, he does his best to make learning and reading adventurous! (Learn more on Sara Francis’ official website!)

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Poetry Collection

Stardust Cover_inDesign


Stardust is a collection of poems that are meant to inspire and cause the reader to reflect on different aspects of life. From prayers to thoughts, each poem has a deeper meaning and a story behind it, but that’s up to you to decipher. (Learn more on Sara Francis’ official website!)

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