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The Terra Testimonies© written by Sara Francis is YA and NA trilogy revolving around our future world in ruin. Each novel is written in the first person and has more than one point of view. These action-packed stories full of lies and conspiracy will have you coming back for more. Join the characters on their journey to seek the truth and set the world aright. 

NOTE: The Terra Testimonies© universe and all its characters are copyrighted. Any use of its writings/characters without the author’s permission is strictly prohibited.


Book 1: The Isles
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, Utopian and Dystopian
Audience: YA and NA


Tagline: Is it all a lie?

Logline: A cyborg, a mutant, and a geek are forced by their Keepers to team up and prepare to take back the ruined world. Throughout their training, these teens are led to believe that not everything is as it seems.

**WORKING** Description: The Invader’s left the world in ruin. Their first worldwide devastation, named the Accident, was unforeseen by everyone. Well, almost. Seven men knew of the approaching destruction and acted by preparing six islands as a place of refuge. Rescuing thousands of people, these Keepers decided to get the next generation ready for war; in their own way. Through training, experimentation, and study, the men created an army of young cyborgs, mutants, geeks, doctors, farmers, and militia to fight the battle.

However, things do not go as planned.

Alison is a Bionic who still has faint memories of her past life. These memories continue to haunt her and make her doubt the Keepers who saved her from an explosion eight years ago. She knows in her gut that something else is afoot, but cannot find out what. On the other hand, Sami and Aaron, a Mutant and a Geek, have absolutely no memory of the world before and continue to do as they are told. Despite their obedience, their suspicions are aroused repeatedly and cannot shake the feeling of uncertainty.

The flame of these teens’ doubts is fanned by one interesting character that subtly creates chaos on the Isles.

Read the record logs of Alison, Sami, and Aaron and join them on their journey to find the truth in their islands of lies. Follow them on their adventure as they put themselves in the lines of danger and learn to use their abilities in combat. The roller coaster of suspicions will have you on the edge of your seat until these teenagers find the answer and do something about it.